In February 2014, Brian Polivy '15 was awarded the 2013 Samuel K. Maynard Memorial Student Service Award by the Labor & Employment Section of the New York State Bar Association. 

Undergraduate College: Cornell University

Clinics: I'm currently participating in the ADR clinic this semester where I have worked at the EEOC.  It's been a really great opportunity to gain some practical experience through experiential learning.  

Jobs During Law School: I interned this past summer at the National Labor Relations Board. This upcoming summer, I will be working for a small union/plaintiff side Labor and Employment firm Pitta Giblin. 

Groups/Activities: I am President of the Cardozo Labor and Employment Society. I was also a May Mentor to incoming students. 

What type of law do you want to practice? What made you interested in this field of law?

I would like to practice Labor and Employment Law. I developed an interest in the field as an undergraduate in the ILR School at Cornell, where the curriculum was built around courses such as Labor Law, Collective Bargaining, and ADR processes. 

What course has been your favorite, and why? Any favorite teachers?

My favorite class thus far is ADR in the Workplace, taught by Professor David Weisenfeld. In the class you do arbitration and mediation simulations based upon real cases that have occured. Getting the opportunity to practice cross and direct examination as a student was an incredible experience. My favorite professor thus far has probably been Professor Ekow Yankah. I really enjoy his teaching style and how he facilitates interesting class discussion. 

What about Cardozo have you enjoyed during your time here?

What I like about Cardozo is the warm atmosphere that can be felt throughout the school. While law school is certainly a stressful experience, people for the most part are friendly and always willing to help out a classmate, be that with studies or to attend a friends' event. 

What do you enjoy about living in NYC?

I enjoy how there are always so many options of what to do on the weekends. There are also so many bars and restaurants to choose from. Also, from a law school perspective, there are more internship opportunities in NYC that you can do while in school than anywhere else.