Cardozo School of Law 2015 Entering Class Profile*

Total Applications: 2,691

Matriculants: 288
Full-Time: 213
Part-Time (May-entry only): 75

LSAT/GPA for All 1L Students
75th Percentile: 161/3.62
Median: 159/3.42
25th Percentile: 156/3.15

LSAT/GPA for Full-Time Students
75th Percentile: 162/3.62
Median: 159/3.44
25th Percentile: 158/3.17

LSAT/GPA for Part-Time Students
75th Percentile: 156/3.58
Median: 154/3.38
25th Percentile: 152/3.14

Women: 50%

Students of Color:** 28.1%
Asian/Pacific Islander: 13.5%
Black/African American: 4.2%
Hispanic/Latino: 8.0%
Two or More Races: 2.4%

Age Range: 20-42

Average Age: 24

Directly from College: 33%

Advanced Degrees: 6%

Geographic Distribution
Mid-Atlantic: 60%
South: 12%
West: 8%
New England: 5%
Midwest: 3%
International: 12%

Thirty-one states, the District of Columbia, and thirteen countries outside the U.S. are represented in the entering class.

Top Undergraduate Feeder Schools
There are 138 colleges and universities represented in the entering class.  Our top feeder schools include:

Baruch College
Columbia University/Barnard College
Emory University
Fordham University
Georgetown University
George Washington University
New York University
Pennsylvania State University
Queens College
Rutgers University
SUNY Binghamton
Syracuse University
University of Florida
University of Maryland
Yeshiva University

Undergraduate Majors
Political Science/Government/Legal Studies: 29%
Humanities: 26%
Finance/Accounting/Business: 20%         
Psychology: 8%
Social Sciences: 7%        
Science/Engineering/Mathematics: 5%         
Philosophy: 4%


*All data is final as of October 6, 2015.  LSAT/GPA percentiles were calculated by the Law School Admission Council based on matriculant lists provided by Cardozo Law to the ABA.

**Percentages include international students of color.