Tracy Jo Figueroa Mathis '13 received her first not guilty verdict as an attorney at the Connecticut Public Defender Office in Stamford in November 2013.

"It felt really good to be up on my feet in court. The Bridge to Practice Fellowship has given me this incredible opportunity, and I feel that Cardozo has prepared me incredibly well for my career."

Cardozo launched its Bridge to Practice Postgraduate Fellowship program in 2005. The fellowship provides financial assistance to selected graduates who seek to contribute to the public good through legal work in the public sector before they commence permanent employment.

Bridge to Practice Fellows are awarded $2,400 for a eight-week period of employment in the public law sector, with a minimum requirement of 20 hours per week.

Fellows must secure an unpaid position in the public service law sector that consists of legal work under the supervision of an attorney.

Postgraduate Placements 2005–2013