• Preparing Students for a Specific Career Track
    Professional Concentrations prepare students to practice in a particular field of law by integrating key components of foundational, advanced, and experiential offerings together with extracurricular and other opportunities at Cardozo.
  • Support from Faculty and Alumni
    Dedicated faculty and alumni advisory boards support students with advice on course selection, experiential opportunities, and career development.

Cardozo's faculty created Professional Concentrations to help students focus their experience on particular career goals centered in different areas of legal practice. Each concentration consists of required courses, electives and suggestions for related clinics, field clinics and skills courses. These paths also provide students ample flexibility to continue to experiment, by taking courses outside of their chosen concentration. Participation in a Professional Concentration is optional, as some students may not wish to focus on a particular area of practice.

A team of faculty advisors oversees each Professional Concentration. These advisors create and refine course requirements and are available to help students with course selection and other concentration-related issues. Each concentration also has a dedicated alumni advisory team. Alumni advisors help students integrate course selection with practical work experience and clinical exposure, as well as provide guidance and mentoring on students’ professional development. 

All Professional Concentrations Provide:

  • A team of dedicated faculty advisors
  • Access to alumni advisors in practice
  • Advice on skills-building courses and summer jobs
  • Advice on extracurricular activities, such as journals, Moot Court programs, pro bono projects and clubs available to Cardozo students


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Professional Concentrations

Business Law


Civil Litigation


Corporate Compliance and Risk Control


Criminal Justice


Data Law


Dispute Resolution


Family and Children’s Law


Intellectual Property and Information Law


International and Comparative Law


Public Law, Regulation, and Government Affairs


Real Estate


Rights and the State



Tax Law