Outlining Workshops

Professor Leslie Newman leads a small group of students as they review the elements of creating effective outlines.In September 2012 faculty members of the Lawyering and Legal Writing Center provided individualized counseling to 1L students on how to improve their course outlines.  Professor Leslie Newman, Director of the Lawyering and Legal Writing Center, Julie Interdonato, Rebecca Price, and Zelma Rios, Director of Academic Support, each met with several small groups of 3-6 students to review and provide feedback on students’ outlines and to discuss general outlining principles.  Many students benefited from hearing their classmates’ perspectives on various different issues covered in their outlines.   In total, approximately 80 1L students participated in the session.

Stanley Fish
"How to Write a Sentence: And How to Read One"

Stanley Fish PortraitAt the invitation of Lawyering & Legal Writing Center Director Professor Leslie Newman, New York Times columnist and Cardozo Visiting Professor Stanley Fish led a series of three hands-on workshops on “How to Write a Sentence: And How to Read One.”

Based on his newly released book of the same title, the fall 2010 workshops provided a unique forum for students to connect the nuts and bolts of language and legal writing with a public figure who uses the written word effectively on a daily basis.