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J.D. (Cardozo) / 
LL.M. (Diplôme d'Université en Droit) in French, European or International Law (Paris I)

Sorbonne Law School

Université Paris I - Panthéon-Sorbonne

Paris, France

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The Program

Cardozo Law J.D. students have a unique opportunity to spend their entire 3L year enrolled as LL.M. students at the Universitie Paris I – Sorbonne Law School.  Upon completion of all requirements at the end of the third year, students will receive both the Cardozo Law degree and the Paris I LL.M. 

The aim of this tailor-made program, taught in French, is to offer law students and future lawyers a large variety of elective courses in their fields of interest, in-depth acquaintance with the intricacies of French and European Law, and a new perspective on current global legal issues while learning in the best of the French academic tradition and Civil Law methodological techniques.

Graduates of this program are not eligible to gain entrance to the French Bar directly after this program. Most students take the New York Bar exam and then apply for the French equivalency exam on the basis of their admission in New York. 

Students who finish the LL.M. degree may register for an additional year in Paris and join the double degree program in order to obtain the Master I and or in some cases the a Master II degree in Law. Graduates with the Master may be able to sit for the French Bar Exam directly without admission in New York first.

A maximum of three Cardozo students may participate each year.

The School

With eight hundred years of excellence to build on, the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, a descendant of the Sorbonne and the Faculty of Law and Economics of Paris, is one of the largest universities in France today. Some forty thousand students are enrolled in 14 teaching and research departments and 5 Institutes, which offer top level degree courses in law, political science, economics, management and the humanities. Paris I is at the centre of a rich network of international relations stretching across the five continents and continues to play a major role in the training of researchers, academics, judges, lawyers, senior managers and top French civil servants.

The Sorbonne Law School, inaugurated in 2009, comprises the Law departments of the University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne.  The school is centrally located in the vibrant Latin quarter, the Paris home of university students for almost a thousand years.


This program is open to Cardozo students who are fluent in French who have completed four semesters in residence at Cardozo School of Law.  In addition, students must complete all graduation requirements, including Advanced Legal Research, Professional Responsibility, the Writing Requirement, and all Category I, II and III Distribution Requirements.  Category IV Distribution Requirement will be fulfilled with the year abroad.


Cardozo students will be expected to complete 60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) courses, in keeping with the LL.M. program requirements of the Sorbonne Law School. This should consist of eight (8) courses and will earn 24 Cardozo credits. Students who successfully complete nine (9) courses during the year at the Sorbonne may earn 26 Cardozo credits. 

Cardozo students may select courses from a number of different programs at the Sorbonne Law School. The following is a sample of the courses which may be offered through each of these programs:

Participants must also complete either a research paper in the chosen field of study (which paper must be supervised by their home faculty or by a faculty member in Paris) or an internship (which can take place either in the United States or France.)


Applicants to the dual degree program should submit the application no later than February 15 of their 2L year.  In addition to the standard study abroad application, applicants to the dual degree program must submit a statement of interest in both French and English, and must include an explanation of French proficiency. Applicants may be required to take a French proficiency test through the French Ministry of Education. An interview, bytelephone or in person, with a member of the Cardozo or Sorbonne faculty in French may also be required. 

After receiving approval from Cardozo for the program, the resume, transcript and letter of recommendation of nominated Cardozo students(s) will be forwarded for consideration to the Sorbonne Law School. Though SLS retains discretion to accept or deny any applicant, the school will consider Cardozo's recommendations strongly. 


Students on this program register at Cardozo and pay full tuition and fees to Cardozo. Because tuition is paid to Cardozo, financial aid is applied in the same way as it would be if spending the semester at home. 


The Fall semester runs from mid-September to mid-January.

The Spring semester runs from mid-February to mid-May.

Sorbonne Law School will make every effort to have completed transcripts sent to Cardozo in time for students to take the July Bar Examination in New York.